Nordic Tugs are of few vessels on the water that bring out the giddy curiosity of many people whether standing on shore or passing in another vessel. It’s a strong allure that never goes away and evokes desire to find out more about these captivating raised pilothouse designed tugs. Since Bay Breeze Yacht Sales became the Great Lakes dealer for Nordic Tugs in 2002, we’ve often been asked if we charter or make available a Nordic Tug for instructional purposes. A brief endeavor for two seasons confirmed the viability of dedicated Nordic Tug vessels for charter and instruction.

Bay Breeze Yacht Sales – Nordic Tug Charters


Additional Nordic Tug Charter Info:

We set out to develop a dedicated charter experience beneficial to our charter clients. What developed from that effort was the 8 day charter week. Wait there’s only seven days in a week? Not our weeks. Maximum fulfillment of your cruising time on Northern Lake Michigan and Huron are some of the best fresh water cruising waters on the planet.  It’s a given assumption that one day will be a weather or a “wind day” that may not be conducive to cruising.  There’s the extra day benefit from our 8 day week.  We want to make sure you have time to enjoy it.

We also wanted to establish an all inclusive and no additional or surprise fees that dampen the anticipation of a good charter on an excellent boat.  If you’ve chartered a boat before, you may be aware of extra costs in addition to the charter fee such as insurance pay down, early and late boarding fees and so on.  A single charter fee is collected along with the Governors share of course. If it makes you feel any better, it’s called a use fee and not sales tax!  As for insurance, instead of a per day fee that you will never see again, we take a single damage deposit that is completely refundable at the end of your charter provided the vessel is returned to us in the same condition it left us.

Thank you for looking us up or stumbling across us looking for information on Nordic Tugs.  We hope you will look further into our charter section and let us know if we can answer any questions we didn’t address.  Bay Breeze Yacht Sales can help you get on the water.