The Nordic Tug 32 you use seems older for charter use!
If it was in poor condition that may be the case.  Not this one, she’s only 20 years old!  Our Nordic Tug 32 is owned by Bay Breeze Yacht Sales and was purchased in the fall of 2015.  It underwent an extensive refit over the winter of 2015/16 and many items were addressed.  Installed a bow thruster, updated the interior, stripped and varnished the exterior teak, new electronics and a new headliner throughout was replaced just to highlight a few of the many projects the 32 underwent.  She is in very good condition and an excellent example of how Nordic Tugs are built to last while maintaining their desirability and value.  Find out more about our classic Nordic Tug 32.

How did you come up with an 8 day charter week?
Not by an act of congress is for certain!  We took a lot of time thinking how we could create a better experience scenario for a full charter week.  In our previous career of running a sailing vessel charter fleet, we soon realized boats were being brought back in, “turned” and sent back out with little time to do anything outside of cleaning.  Our staggered weeks and mid-week charters give us time to properly maintain the Nordic Tug 32 and get her ready for the next charter, just not in 4 hours.

The week and midweek charter dates don’t quite fit our plans?
Call or email us. The dates published are fixed but we will do what we can to accommodate a date outside of the published dates online provided it does not compromise a previous or potential future charter.

What’s included in the charter fee?
The short question should be what’s not included.  Many charter companies charge additional fees for early boarding and late departure, security deposit pay down and dinghies, et cetera.  Its adds up.  Fuel and pump out, early board, late departure, dinghy and are all included in the published charter price.  Use tax, running costs, provisioning and any fees associated with a remote charter start or end are not included.

Can I start a charter somewhere else other than Traverse City?
It’s possible. It has everything to do with the schedule of the boat before and after your scheduled charter. We will do what we can to accommodate a remote charter start or termination.  Additional fees will be associated with special requests for transportation and logistics.

How many people can comfortably be on the Nordic Tug 32 during a charter?
We think four is the ideal number of people for a comfortable and relaxing charter aboard the 32.  Sleeping accommodations are limited in the forward stateroom and saloon settee that converts to a big double.

Can I fly into Traverse City?
Easily. Traverse City is home to Cherry Capital Airport and serviced by Delta, American and United.  Most connections are through Detroit and Chicago.  There are direct flights from Minneapolis, JFK and Atlanta during the summer months.  Check with your preferred carrier for additional information.  CCA is 10 minutes from our facility.

What requirements and experience are necessary to charter?
Honesty and forthright answers to the questions on the yachting resume’ you’ll be asked to complete and have on file with us.  You must have previous or current ownership of a vessel of similar size or larger, certification from a noted and reputable power vessel training facility or center, past history and documentation of previous charters and any formal or social based learning platforms such as the US Power Squadron as well as references.  It is imperative that we and you are comfortable and competent to handle the vessel in a responsible and safe manner for vessel and crew safety.