Bay Breeze Yacht Sales has been the Great Lakes dealer for Nordic Tugs since 2002.  Throughout the years of boat shows, sea trials and courtesy s  we’ve heard many times the question; do you charter Nordic Tugs?  We did briefly while we operated a large fleet of sailing vessels, yet we were limited in scope and personal attention.  The program structure bodes well for the vessel owner.  Charter ownership has many advantages.  In most cases, annual operating expenses are covered including;

  • Summer Dockage
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • Off Season Storage & Winterization
  • Annual and Periodic Maintenance
  • AIS Tracking of Fleet Vessels

In addition to the attributes of charter ownership we offer these advantages;

  • Advantageous Owner Revenue
  • Staggered charter weeks for relaxed yacht charter usage
  • Prime slips in Traverse City for immediate occupancy
  • Capped fleet total for maximum owner revenue
  • Storage facility owned by Bay Breeze Yacht Sales
  • Hands off vessel management and logistics

Our comprehensive program allows a great deal of owner use while still affording optimum charter availability.  The program has been developed to favor ownership of the vessel and provides many excellent advantages to charter ownership.

We currently have a new 2016 Nordic Tug 34 ready and available for charter ownership purchase.  If you have any questions regarding Nordic Tug charter placement, please contact us for further questions and a charter presentation.